How to install phpMyAdmin

3.3.2. How to install phpMyAdmin

Local installation under Windows is very simple: you only need to extract the files from the archive you downloaded from the official phpBB site and point your browser to the address http://localhost/phpmyadmin. You will then see a screen as in Figure 3-6.

Figure 3-6. PHPMyAdmin start screen.

PHPMyAdmin start screen.

If you are working locally, don't worry about any warnings you might get. In case you have to install phpMyAdmin on your server, e.g. when your ISP does not offer a preinstalled administration panel for the database, you must configure the file that comes with it:

Supposing that your data are:

  • IP of the database server:

  • User: Pippo

  • Password: Topolino

  • Database name: Minnie

then the necessary entries in look like this:

$cfgServers[1]["host"] = ""; // MySQL hostname
$cfgServers[1]["port"] = ""; // MySQL port - leave blank for default port
$cfgServers[1]["adv_auth"] = false; // Use advanced authentication?
$cfgServers[1]["stduser"] = ""; // MySQL standard user (only needed with advanced auth)
$cfgServers[1]["stdpass"] = ""; // MySQL standard password (only needed with advanced auth)
$cfgServers[1]["user"] = "Pippo"; // MySQL user (only needed with basic auth)
$cfgServers[1]["password"] = "Topolino"; // MySQL password (only needed with basic auth)
$cfgServers[1]["only_db"] = "Minnie"; // If set to a db-name, only this db is accessible
$cfgServers[1]["verbose"] = ""; // Verbose name for this host - leave blank to show the hostname
$cfgServers[1]["bookmarkdb"] = ""; // Bookmark db - leave blank for no bookmark support
$cfgServers[1]["bookmarktable"] = ""; // Bookmark table - leave blank for no bookmark support

In the you will find more configuration parameters that are repeated. They serve to manage DBs in various hosts with the same interface.


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