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RavenNuke(tm) v2.51.00 Released!

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RavenNuke(tm) is
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On behalf of the RavenNuke(tm) Team I am excited and proud to announce the release of Raven CMS version 2.51.00. Please read the Change Log and/or the Wiki for specifics. Have fun, read the Wiki documentation, and try to find solutions before posting issues :).
Make donations to RavenPhpScripts.com with PayPal!


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Bitnami More about

Posted on Tuesday, July 07, 2015 @ 02:24:55 PDT in Thoughts and Ideas
by Raven

papamike writes:  

 Has anyone thought about adding RavenNuke to Bitnami?




Where's Raven? More about

Posted on Tuesday, July 07, 2015 @ 02:19:11 PDT in Announcements
by Raven

Read Raven's Swan Song for an important message from Raven!



Browser Comparisons More about

Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2015 @ 11:55:59 PST in Internet
by kguske

southern writes:  

Styled select boxes

This page is related to the articles Styling form controls and Styling even more form controls. For more info on what the image on this page shows, please read the articles.

The following CSS rules were used to style these select boxes:

more: 456 Berea Street



Pixie More about

Posted on Sunday, January 04, 2015 @ 14:39:08 PST in Tool and Utilities
by kguske

southern writes:  

Pixie is a utility made especially for webmasters and designers. It is a color picker with few extra goodies.

Run it, simply point to a color and it will tell you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that color. You can then use these values to reproduce the selected color in your favorite programs. Pixie will also show the current coordinates of your mouse pointer.

It is the only tool for you to work with colors.

Download Pixie now:




PHP Auto Backup MySQL to File More about

Posted on Sunday, December 21, 2014 @ 20:24:00 PST in PHP
by kguske

southern writes:  

Manage MySQL backup files generated with mysqldump

This class can manage MySQL backup files generated with mysqldump.

It can generate backup files of a given MySQL database to a file with a name based on the database name and the current time.

The class can also list previously taken backup files, delete old backup files, and verify if a backup file taken today exists.

more: PhP Classes



Single File PHP Gallery 4.5.6 More about

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 @ 05:08:20 PST in PHP
by kguske

southern writes:  


Single File PHP Gallery is a web gallery in one single PHP file. All you have to do is copy the script to any directory containing images to make a gallery. Sub directories will be sub galleries. Thumbnails for images and directories are generated automatically.

Single File PHP Gallery does not require any configuration or programming skills to use.

By default it looks like this:

more: Kenny Svalgaard


 Any module makers interested in converting this to a RavenNuke module?


Page 1 of 653 (3917 total stories) [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | > | >> ]  

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