NukeTAGS 2.0 released!

Posted on Sunday, January 03, 2010 @ 15:03:22 CET in Add-Ons
by Raven

meotoo writes:  

We are quite proud to announce the immediate availability of NukeTAGS Version 2.0 with *important* bugfixes and enhancements. NukeTAGS is an advanced TagClouds module for your PHP-Nuke CMS or compatible, such as RavenNuke, NukeEvo, etc

NukeTAGS 2.0 ChangeLog - 2010/01/03

  • Fixed a bug which will cause your database to become full and might corrupt it at some point over time. Thanks to Nico for the report.
  • Added support to generate TagClouds in Flash, Thanks to Tagul.
  • Added ability to export TagClouds in XML format to help populate your site from external resources/websites.
  • TagClouds are now gathered faster and requiring less memory.
  • Tags in blocks has now a Zoom effect on mouse over, configurable.
  • Removed borders around logo images.
  • Fixed 'Division by zero' error generating TagClouds with few tags.
  • Fixed "NoTagCloud" delimiters which didn't worked properly..
  • Fixed 'Invalid argument for foreach' error while gathering new pages.
  • Fixed "NUKE_NOTAGCLOUD" define() usage which didn't worked properly.
  • Fixed logo link which was pointing to our site by mistake.
  • Words from the NukeTAGS's module was being gathered as well with as result words in tagclouds being repeated in number of occurrences.
  • Added a FORM on the module homepage which will allow you and your users to generate random TagClouds from either a provided URL or pasted Text. It can be configured to define which users are allowed to use it (everyone, registered, admins) More advanced features are planned for further releases, feedback is welcome.

Try it online at

For further details, please go to

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