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Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 @ 22:19:11 UTC in RN Themes
by neralex

papamike writes:  

Welcome to "Remake" my highly configurable content based theming system for RavenNuke V2.5 (RN) "Remake" is not about the RN files I edited - that was a one-time thing just to make them compatible with "Remake". Now my attention can be directed at RN integration.

This is not RavenNuke Version 3 or Raven CMS. What it is though is a theming system designed to provide responsive RavenNuke themes. Along the way, I had to edit a lot of the RavenNuke V2.5 core files and modules to meet my goal. I had to make them HTML5, CSS3 compliant as well as responsive.

I have created something new that will have to grow and mature to be truly worthwhile. It is my hope that by releasing “Remake” to the public as BETA release candidate 1 that you will help me reach my final goal. And that is to have a fully integrated theming system for RavenNuke V2.5 or V3 or Raven CMS.  I'm sure that with the dedicated devotion that Neralex has Raven CMS will be reality.  Then I may have to readdress my goals.

In the future files will change because nothing is ever released in a perfect form. It takes a lot of committed and dedicated people to makes things better. I do hope that the finger-pointers and trolls will stay out of the mix. Please post and let me know what needs to change and if it is within the goals I am going to include below, I will work hard to make it happen.


-- Full administration integration.
-- Able to access the themes and make changes on the fly.
-- Having the ability to add content to the theme.
-- Theme creation.

It is available for download without registration but you will need to register to post.  You can contact me via the Feedback form on my site without registering. Download here: under the "Remake" download topic.

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