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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:53 am Reply with quote

Been looking around the web to find a compatible Sommaire.

Ive found v 2.11 and v 3 but when I run the install it says that it cant find rnconfig.

Appreciate it if someone can head me to the right dl.

Thx Aen
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:28 am Reply with quote

I have one on my site that worked with RN 2.4. I have not tested it with RN 2.5 but it should still work.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:09 pm Reply with quote

Thanks nuken ..

Will dl tonight and return with results ..

// Aen

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:38 am Reply with quote

@ nuken

Registered on the site and Thank you for the help.
The installation went well except for the strange underscore before each title in the Administration Blocks for Sommaire. You can see what I mean below.

Any idea why or how to resolve it?



PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:20 am Reply with quote

Make sure the language files were uploaded to the admin. admin/language/sommaire/lang-english.php

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:37 am Reply with quote

Hi again ..

Double checked and yes the lang-english.php was uploaded. Overwrote them just to make sure and it's still the same.
I even did a complete re-installation of Sommaire just to make sure .. still the same .. hmm ?

What I haven't done yet was to re-dl sommaire_parametrable_rn2.zip in case the package was corrupt..

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:00 am Reply with quote

open up admin/language/lang-english.php and any other language used on the site and add the following just before the ?> at the bottom:


/* Added by Sommaire Param├ętrable (Customize Menu) v2.0 installation script */
define('_SOMADMINTITLE','Administration Menu');
define('_SOMMSGNOTNUM','The value of this field must be numeric, please modify.');
define('_SOMMSGVOID','You must enter a value for this field !');
define('_SOMATTNSUPPRCAT','Attention !!   You cannot cancel if you delete a category ! (The \'Cancel\' button does not re-create the deleted category)');
define('_SOMCATNAME','Categorys name');
define('_SOMIMGNAME','Image file\'s name');
define('_SOMCATLINK','Link on this category');
define('_SOMCATMODS','Modules in this category');
define('_SOMNOIMG','[No image]');
define('_SOMHR','Horizontal rule');
define('_SOMCENTER','Center title');
define('_SOMBGCOLOR','Background color');
define('_SOMEXTLINK','External link');
define('_TARGETBLANK','Open in a new window');
define('_SOMADDCAT','Add a new category');
define('_SOMNEWCATEGORY','Add a new category :');
define('_SOMREMARKS','<strong>Remarks :</strong><br /><br />'
   .'- The WEIGHT is used to order categories (categories with a lower WEIGHT are displayed first). [number between 0 and 98]<br /><br />'
   .'- You can create a category without a name : in this case, the image will not be displayed.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;(useful if you are using only horizontal rules to separate categories)<br /><br />'
   .'- The IMAGE FILE\'S NAME (for the category) is an image file inside /images/sommaire/. You can also put a FLASH file (.swf).'
   .'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;The IMAGE (for category\'s content) is an image file inside /images/sommaire/categories/.'
   .'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;When you add an image file in these folders, it is automatically added in its list box.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;If you don\'t want to display an image before a category\'s name, put \'null.gif\' (transparent 20x20 px image) in the field.<br /><br />'
   .'- THE LINK ON THE CATEGORY could be any internet url or an url relative to your site.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;If you put an external link (beginnning with \'http://\' or \'ftp://\'), the link will be opened in a new window.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;If you put a relative url (\'account-new_user.html\'), the link will open in the current window.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;To open an internal link in a new window, put the exact, full  url of your site.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;To open an external link in the current window, type \'HTTP://\' (in uppercase).<br /><br />'
   .'- The BACKGROUND COLOR must be a color code or a standard color name.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;ex: \'red\' : <font color=\'red\'>RED</font>  --  \'#ff0000\' : <font color=\'#ff0000\'>RED</font><br /><br />'
   .'- The CLASS used to display categories names must be an existing class in all your themes.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;The classes are in the file /themes/YOURTHEME/style/style.css.<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;You can add your own class, for example you can add this line in the style sheets of your themes :<br />'
   .'&nbsp;&nbsp;<i>.sommaire      {FONT-FAMILY: Verdana,Helvetica; FONT-SIZE: 12px; COLOR: #363636; FONT-WEIGHT: bold}   </i><br />');
define('_SOMCATCONTENT','Category\'s content');
define('_SOMLINKURL','link\'s URL');
define('_SOMLINKTEXT','link\'s text');
define('_SOMINVALIDWEIGHT','The WEIGHT value is invalid for the category');
define('_SOMMUSTBENUM',' This value MUST be a number between 0 and 98 !!');
define('_SOMCATS','The categories');
define('_SOMSAMEWEIGHT','have the same WEIGHT !!');
define('_SOMMODIFWEIGHT','Return back to the previous page and modify the WEIGHT value of one of these categories.');
define('_SOMBACKADMIN','Back to Menu administration');
define('_SOMSUCCESS','Your block has been successfully updated !');
define('_SOMGOADMIN','Configure your Menu');
define('_SOMUPGRADESUCCESS','Your Menu was successfully upgraded !!');
define('_SOMV1DETECTED','Sommaire parametrable v.1.0 detected !');
define('_SOMCLICKTOUPGRADE','To upgrade your menu, click');
define('_SOMWARNINGDELETECAT','Are you sure you want to delete the category');
define('_SOMGENERALOPTIONS','General Options');
define('_SOMDISPLAYMEMBERSONLYMODULES','Display of \'members only\' modules');
define('_SOMCATEGORIESCLASS','Class for categories names');
define('_SOMDISPLAYMODULENORMAL','Normal (always displayed)');
define('_SOMDISPLAYMODULEWITHICON','Displayed with icon');
define('_SOMDISPLAYMODULEINVISIBLE','Invisible for visitors');
define ('_SOMYES','Yes');
define ('_SOMNO','No');
define('_SOMMAIREREMARKSTWO','<br />- You can create a popup, to do so, enter in the field \'url\' of external link :<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;<i>javascript:window.open(\'http://www.url.com\',\'popup_sommaire\',\'directories=no,menubar=no,status=no,location=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no\')</i><br /><br />&nbsp;&nbsp;You can modify display options (display scrollbars, etc...)<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;See <a href=\'http://www.toutjavascript.com/savoir/savoir15.php3\'>Tout Javascript - les popups</a> for more details.<br /><br />');
define('_SOMMAIREHR','Horiz. rule');
define('_SOMLISTBOX','Drop down box');
define('_SOMSENDTOHAVEMORE','Save your modifications to add new links.');
define('_SOMDISPLAYCLASSES','Display :');
define('_SOMMODULESCLASS','CSS class used for modules/external links');
define('_SOMAUTODETECTNEW','Automatic detection of news');
define('_SOMSINCE','New for');
define('_SOMDYNAMICMENU','Dynamic menu');
define('_SOMJSSAVEBEFORE','Do you want to save your modifications before deleting this category ?');
define('_SOMEDITLINKTITLE','Edit a link...');
define('_SOMMOREOPTIONS','More options');
define('_SOMCLASS','CSS class');
define('_SOMATTENTIONMOREOPTIONS','<strong>Attention !</strong><br />If you modify in sommaire\'s admin panel the general CSS class for categories, or for modules/links, or the time \'New!\' icon is displayed, the specific values of a category or a module/link will be overwritten.');
define('_SOMMOREOPTIONSUCCESS','Your modifications are applied !');
define('_SOMSENDTOVALIDATE','(You should validate all modifications in the main sommaire panel for your modifications to be finally confirmed)');
define('_SOMCLOSE','Close the window');
define('_SOMTARGETBLANK','Link opened in a new window. To open in the same window, begin url with HTTP:// (uppercase)');
define('_SOMTARGETNONE','Link opened in the same window. To open in a new window, begin url with http:// (lowercase)');
define('_SOMNOTABLEPB','Sommaire Parametrable is unable to access its database tables.Please verify that you have installed correctly, and READ THE FAQ !');
/* End of Sommaire Param├ętrable v2.1 modifications */
/* Sommaire Parametrable v3.0 */
define('_SOMIMGNEWTITLE','Click to Show/Hide the NEW icon');
define('_SOMADMINIMGDROPDOWN','Click to choose an image for this category');
define('_SOMADMINIMGDROPDOWNCAT','Click to choose an image for this link');
define('_SOMJSFIXFORIE1','The drop-down lists below disappear on Internet Explorer. This is NORMAL : it\'s a workaround to avoid an IE bug. For the sake of the web and a better internet experience, please use another browser (Opera, Firefox,...)');
define('_SOMMOVEUP','Click to move the link upwards');
define('_SOMMOVEDOWN','Click to move the link downwards');
define('_SOMREMOVESUBLEVEL','Click to remove this sublevel');
define('_SOMADDSUBLEVEL','Click to add a sublevel');
define('_SOMSCHEDULETITLE','Schedule the display');
define('_SOMSCHEDULE','Click to hide or schedule the display');
define('_SOMTEXTONLY','Text without url');
define('_SOMDISPLAYFROM','Display from');
define('_SOMSHOWADMIN','Extended Administrator view');
define('_SOMNOTDYNAMICCAT','Always open');
/* End of Sommaire Parametrable v3.0 modifications */

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:24 am Reply with quote

Back from xmas shopping for my 1yr old grandson, that wasn't easy Wink

But this was...It was only necessary to add it to admin/language/lang-english.php

Alls perfect..

Thanks loads for your support and patience nuken.

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