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Types of caching in a PHP web application More about Printer Friendly Read More...

Posted on Tuesday, October 06, 2020 @ 21:07:50 CEST in Tutorials
by neralex

southern writes:  

As a web developer, you must have heard the term "cache" in various situations. To help you fully understand what cache means, we wrote this article.

Table Of Content

    OpCode Cache
    Application Cache
    HTTP Cache
    Proxy Cache

OpCode Cache

When running a PHP script. The interpreter will parse the script into a series of operation codes, commonly known as "opcodes".

By caching the opcode in memory, we can gain significant performance improvement. This is known as opCode cache.

There is a list of well-know opCode cache engines and they are:

    Zend OpCache
    APC User Cache
    Alternative PHP Cache

By default, PHP ships with Zend OpCache.

Application Cache

When building an application, we can utilize some cache strategies to avoid slow response:

    Store data that is not changed often in a cache.
    Store time-consuming computed data in a cache.

Above are known as application cache.



PHP Login Registration with Email Verification using OTP More about Printer Friendly

Posted on Tuesday, October 06, 2020 @ 21:07:39 CEST in Tutorials
by neralex

southern writes:  

Normally after user registration, we have send email at user register email address for confirm his or her email address. Once User has click on email confirmation link then after that user registration process has been completed with email verification.

But in this post, we have use OTP (One Time Password) method for verify registered user email address. Email verification is a very required process for check registered user has enter right information at the time of registration and it is also useful to prevent spam registration at our web application. For this reason verify user identity, we have to verify his or her email address. In this OTP method, If User has provide us genuine email address then on that email address our system will send one email confirmation email with OTP number. User has to just copy that OTP number and enter in email verification page which will be load after submitting registration form data. In that web page, User has to enter OTP number and submit form. After submitting form user email address will be verified.

more and videos: Webslesson



Master PHP Array Functions More about Printer Friendly

Posted on Tuesday, October 06, 2020 @ 21:07:19 CEST in PHP
by neralex

southern writes:  

You are probably using array every day as a PHP developer, because it is the default collection type of data structure in PHP. What you might not be aware is that PHP provides tons of built-in array manipulation functions, they are more efficient compared to user land solution, because they are built into the core and designed to handle most of edge cases.

In this series of tutorials, we will be going through some built-in array functions. Show their possible use cases as comprehensively as we can. Hopefully this series will improve the way you deal with PHP array and make your code better.

Throughout the whole series, we will be operating on an array called $books:

more: Star Tutorial



PHP Simple Encryption More about Printer Friendly

Posted on Tuesday, October 06, 2020 @ 21:07:02 CEST in PHP
by neralex

southern writes:  

A PHP library that makes encryption and decryption of text easy.


PHP 7.2+
Openssl PHP extension


Simply add a dependency on stymiee/php-simple-encryption to your project's composer.json file if you use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project.

Here is a minimal example of a composer.json file that just defines a dependency on PHP Simple Encryption:

more: GitHub



Patch, Or Your Solid State Drives Roll Over And Die More about Printer Friendly

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019 @ 19:57:45 CET in Bugs
by neralex

southern writes:  

Expiration dates for computer drives? That’s what a line of HP solid-state drives are facing as the variable for their uptime counter is running out. When it does, the drive “expires” and, well, no more data storage for you!

There are a series of stages in the evolution of a software developer as they master their art, and one of those stages comes in understanding that while they may have a handle on the abstracted world presented by their development environment they perhaps haven’t considered the moments in which the real computer that lives behind it intrudes. Think of the first time you saw an SQL injection attack on a website, for example, or the moment you realised that a variable type is linked to the physical constraints of the number of memory locations it has reserved for it. So people who write software surround themselves with an armoury of things they watch out for as they code, and thus endeavour to produce software less likely to break. Firmly in that arena is the size of the variables you use and what will happen when that limit is reached.

Sometimes though even developers that should know better get it wrong, and this week has brought an unfortunate example for the enterprise wing of the hardware giant HP. Their manufacturer has notified them that certain models of solid-state disk drives supplied in enterprise storage systems contain an unfortunate bug, in which they stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime. That’s a familiar number to anyone working with base-2 numbers and hints at a 16-bit signed integer in use to log the hours of uptime. When it rolls over the value will then be negative and, rather than the drive believing itself to be in a renewed flush of youth, it will instead stop working.

more: Hackaday



Small Step Forward More about Printer Friendly

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 @ 23:19:11 CEST in RN Themes
by neralex

papamike writes:  

Welcome to "Remake" my highly configurable content based theming system for RavenNuke V2.5 (RN) "Remake" is not about the RN files I edited - that was a one-time thing just to make them compatible with "Remake". Now my attention can be directed at RN integration.

This is not RavenNuke Version 3 or Raven CMS. What it is though is a theming system designed to provide responsive RavenNuke themes. Along the way, I had to edit a lot of the RavenNuke V2.5 core files and modules to meet my goal. I had to make them HTML5, CSS3 compliant as well as responsive.

I have created something new that will have to grow and mature to be truly worthwhile. It is my hope that by releasing “Remake” to the public as BETA release candidate 1 that you will help me reach my final goal. And that is to have a fully integrated theming system for RavenNuke V2.5 or V3 or Raven CMS.  I'm sure that with the dedicated devotion that Neralex has Raven CMS will be reality.  Then I may have to readdress my goals.

In the future files will change because nothing is ever released in a perfect form. It takes a lot of committed and dedicated people to makes things better. I do hope that the finger-pointers and trolls will stay out of the mix. Please post and let me know what needs to change and if it is within the goals I am going to include below, I will work hard to make it happen.


-- Full administration integration.
-- Able to access the themes and make changes on the fly.
-- Having the ability to add content to the theme.
-- Theme creation.

It is available for download without registration but you will need to register to post.  You can contact me via the Feedback form on my site without registering. Download here: under the "Remake" download topic.


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