KISGB 4.2.0 Released - MUST UPGRADE!!

Posted on Sunday, December 22, 2002 @ 11:13:50 CET in Bugs
by gcf

This is a must upgrade!!!
Through discussions and testing with the bug testing team at, I discovered that using the flock($fp,1) function under win32, with the upcoming 4.3.0 PHP release, requires very careful handling. Under previous releases of PHP and/or win32, the behavior appeared to be working and non-fatal. However, under the forth-coming 4.3.0 release of PHP, the flock($fp,1) call, under windows and used the way KISGB implemented it, will cause an erasure of your entire guestbook when you attempt to edit a message - not good. Apparently *nix handles the call a different way and so the problem, although always there, never surfaced. Read on for instructions on how to patch your current version, should you not choose to upgrade.If you choose not to upgrade (not recommended), then you need to modify the following modules: addtogb.php admin.php updategb.php Find all occurrences of flock($fp,1) and modify them to flock($fp,2). Since there are other modifications in the 4.2.0 release, I (repeating myself again) HIGHLY recommend that you just upgrade :).
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