KISSQ v2.5 Stock Quote Module & Block Released!

Posted on Sunday, August 18, 2002 @ 01:06:11 CEST in Stock Quote Application News
by gcf

Version 2.5 is now available for download! This version offers an sql installer, live feeds, and so many features over previous releases! Read on for a full description of the changes!. Version 2.5 Stock Quote Module for ALL Platforms
. Version 2.5 Stock Quote Block for NUKE
. Version 2.5 Stock Quote Block for POSTNUKE
. Automated SQL Installer

Summary of changes (thus far)
  • Added Live Feeds and after hours trading results!!!
  • Added Postnuke block
  • Added ability to download the history data
  • Removed color tags to allow themes to rule!
  • Added default symbol(s) - configurable of course!
  • Added portfolio summary!
  • Added onChange event to selection to automatically get quote, since this is the most often used!
  • Added configuration setting to suppress the informative message about what username the symbols will be stored under.
  • Added configuration setting to suppress the disclaimer message.
  • Added back support for non Nuke sites. However, cookies will still not be supported. You must be using MySql if you are not using Nuke. Also, if you do not have some way to assign a username, no settings will be saved.
  • Added logic to allow entry of number of shares and purchase price. KISSQ will then calculate the profit/loss for each entry!
  • Selection of date for history pull
  • Added link from Block to Module
  • Added affiliate links to blocks
  • Added change percent and dollars to blocks
  • Redesigned portfolio block
  • Removed Open, High, Low from portfolio block
  • Expanded database to include fees/commissions to be deducted from current value
  • Added Summary line to portfolio
  • Version changed to 2.5 because of all the builds and test modules that are out, to avoid confusion.
  • Added the ability to enter the brokerage fee as a percent, i.e 10%, in addition to a flat fee, i.e 5.95
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