Resend or Delete Activation Emails The Easy Way!

Posted on Friday, May 09, 2003 @ 10:47:26 CEST in Add-Ons
by Raven

Finally! A very user friendly (don't you just love that phrase?) way to manage the temp_user file in Nuke! Resend an activation email! Delete one that is awaiting activation! Come and get it! I will be enhancing it in a week or so, after the critics have their say :LOL!

I'd really appreciate some feedback on the modules/blocks/hacks that I've been providing. Do you want more? If so, what? Are they of the quality that you need?

[Updated 5/19 09:00 hours] - UPDATED RELEASE Added a Modify option to allow the modification of most items on the user_temp redord.

[Updated 5/18 18:30 hours] - UPDATED RELEASE Fixed password display on the email to be the unencoded password and also to regenerate a new password. Also turned the confirmation link into a hyperlink to all the Admin to just activate the user rather than resending the email.

[Updated 5/9 17:40 hours] I added the user submitted email to the display to show what email the activation request was sent under. Now we will know the real reason for all of these 'failures' :) If you d/l before this, just download again and replace the index.php file.
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