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PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 6:36 am Reply with quote

Ok here is my problem. I have this irc java client i am trying to use with phpnuke. I used the HTML to PHP converter cause the html werks. But when I converted it, it don't work. Here is what I have.

#### Generated by Html to PHP converter By Disipal Site (www.disipal.net) ####

  . "<head>"
  . "<title>ALL4IRC Applet Chat</title>"
  . "</head>"
  . "<body><center>"
  . "<h1>ALL4IRC Chat Applet</h1><hr>"
  . "<applet code=IRCApplet.class archive=\"irc.jar,pixx.jar\" width=800 height=400>"
  . "<param name=\"CABINETS\" value=\"irc.cab,securedirc.cab,pixx.cab\">"
  . ""
  . "<param name=\"nick\" value=\"Anonymous\">"
  . "<param name=\"alternatenick\" value=\"Java\">"
  . "<param name=\"name\" value=\"Java User\">"
  . "<param name=\"host\" value=\"irc.all4irc.org\">"
  . "<param name=\"gui\" value=\"pixx\">"
  . ""
  . "<param name=\"quitmessage\" value=\"ALL4IRC forever!\">"
  . "<param name=\"asl\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"useinfo\" value=\"true\">"
  . ""
  . "<param name=\"style:bitmapsmileys\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley1\" value=\":) img/sourire.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley2\" value=\":-) img/sourire.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley3\" value=\":-D img/content.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley4\" value=\":d img/content.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley5\" value=\":-O img/OH-2.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley6\" value=\":o img/OH-1.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley7\" value=\":-P img/langue.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley8\" value=\":p img/langue.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley9\" value=\";-) img/clin-oeuil.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley10\" value=\";) img/clin-oeuil.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley11\" value=\":-( img/triste.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley12\" value=\":( img/triste.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley13\" value=\":-| img/OH-3.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley14\" value=\":| img/OH-3.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley15\" value=\":'( img/pleure.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley16\" value=\":$ img/rouge.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley17\" value=\":-$ img/rouge.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley18\" value=\"(H) img/cool.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley19\" value=\"(h) img/cool.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley20\" value=\":-@ img/enerve1.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley21\" value=\":@ img/enerve2.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley22\" value=\":-S img/roll-eyes.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:smiley23\" value=\":s img/roll-eyes.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:backgroundimage\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:backgroundimage1\" value=\"all all 0 background.gif\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:sourcefontrule1\" value=\"all all Serif 12\">"
  . "<param name=\"style:floatingasl\" value=\"true\">"
  . ""
  . "<param name=\"pixx:timestamp\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"pixx:highlight\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"pixx:highlightnick\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"pixx:nickfield\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"pixx:styleselector\" value=\"true\">"
  . "<param name=\"pixx:setfontonstyle\" value=\"true\">"
  . ""
  . "</applet></center>"
  . ""
  . "<hr></body>"
  . "</html>"


But it says that the applet can't be initiated. Any ideas?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 7:05 am Reply with quote

I spose its not finding the jar files then? Are they in the nuke root directory if not I'd try that.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 8:34 am Reply with quote

yea its findin em they are in same folder i suppose :/ RavensScripts
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 9:22 am Reply with quote

Ok help me out here a little how/where are you displaying this in a block or module ect...
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 4:33 pm Reply with quote

module...right now i have this:


if (!eregi("modules.php", $PHP_SELF)) {
   die ("You can't access this file directly...");
$module_name = basename(dirname(__FILE__));
$pagetitle = "- ".CHAT."";
global $user, $cookie, $prefix, $dbi, $user_prefix, $module_name;
include ("header.php");

echo "<center>";
echo "<applet code=IRCApplet.class archive=\"irc.jar,pixx.jar\" width=800 height=400>";
echo "<param name=\"CABINETS\" value=\"irc.cab,securedirc.cab,pixx.cab\">";
echo "<param name=\"nick\" value=\"$username\">";
echo "<param name=\"alternatenick\" value=\"Anonymous\">";
echo "<param name=\"name\" value=\"Java User\">";
echo "<param name=\"host\" value=\"irc.all4irc.org\">";
echo "<param name=\"gui\" value=\"pixx\">";
echo "<param name=\"quitmessage\" value=\"ALL4IRC forever!\">";
echo "<param name=\"asl\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"useinfo\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:bitmapsmileys\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley1\" value=\":) img/sourire.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley2\" value=\":-) img/sourire.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley3\" value=\":-D img/content.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley4\" value=\":d img/content.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley5\" value=\":-O img/OH-2.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley6\" value=\":o img/OH-1.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley7\" value=\":-P img/langue.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley8\" value=\":p img/langue.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley9\" value=\";-) img/clin-oeuil.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley10\" value=\";) img/clin-oeuil.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley11\" value=\":-( img/triste.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley12\" value=\":( img/triste.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley13\" value=\":-| img/OH-3.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley14\" value=\":| img/OH-3.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley15\" value=\":'( img/pleure.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley16\" value=\":$ img/rouge.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley17\" value=\":-$ img/rouge.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley18\" value=\"(H) img/cool.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley19\" value=\"(h) img/cool.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley20\" value=\":-@ img/enerve1.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley21\" value=\":@ img/enerve2.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley22\" value=\":-S img/roll-eyes.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:smiley23\" value=\":s img/roll-eyes.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:backgroundimage\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:backgroundimage1\" value=\"all all 0 background.gif\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:sourcefontrule1\" value=\"all all Serif 12\">";
echo "<param name=\"style:floatingasl\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"pixx:timestamp\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"pixx:highlight\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"pixx:highlightnick\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"pixx:nickfield\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"pixx:styleselector\" value=\"true\">";
echo "<param name=\"pixx:setfontonstyle\" value=\"true\">";
echo "</applet>";
echo "<table border=\"0\" width=\"100%\" id=\"table1\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\">";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td width=\"33%\"></td>";
echo "<td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";
echo "</center>";
    include ('footer.php');


and all files in this code are in the module folder chat at dark-dude.net/modules/chat/ and it fails every time it loads :/ but if ya click on Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login! it works
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 9:50 pm Reply with quote

I'd still suspect its not able to load the files because nuke forces the path to be from the nuke root and not relative to the script.

If your using the chatserv 2.5 patched files you will need to change
if (!eregi("modules.php", $PHP_SELF)) {
die ("You can't access this file directly...");


if (!eregi("modules.php", $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])) {
die ("You can't access this file directly...");

Or this will create problems too when accessing it as a nuke module.
PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 4:50 am Reply with quote

its not a chatserv....its pjirc my own thing hehe
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