WorkBoard Module

8.3.15. WorkBoard Module

Figure 8-33. Administration panel: WorkBoard.

Administration panel: WorkBoard.

WorkBoard is a PHP-Nuke module for Project Management, distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.

To install WorkBoard,

  • Extract the archive and upload all files from directory 'html' to your root PHP-Nuke directory.

  • Insert sql/workboard.sql into your database, or

  • Copy 'wb_install.php' from directory 'installation' into your root PHP-Nuke directory, and then run script from your browser. Follow the instructions presented to you.

Once installed, a click on the WorkBoard icon in the administration panel (Figure 8-33) leads to the WorkBoard administration panel (Figure 8-34). There, you can set up

  • Projects and project positions.

  • Tasks and task statuses and priorities.

  • Project members

Figure 8-34. WorkBoard module: Administration panel.

WorkBoard module: Administration panel.

The WorkBoard module is still under rapid development.

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