PHP-Nuke-Tools module

8.3.10. PHP-Nuke-Tools module

Figure 8-28. PHP-Nuke Tools block

PHP-Nuke Tools block

The PHP-Nuke Tools module is one of the most helpful modules. Whether you are developing for PHP-Nuke or want to write a module or block really quickly, or even if you just want to learn how modules, blocks and the rest works in PHP-Nuke, you will appreciate its help.. It offers features such as:

  • Module Creator (see Figure 8-29),

  • Block Creator,

  • Help for Module Creator,

  • Help for Block Creator,

  • HTML to PHP,

  • HTML to ASP,

  • HTML to JSP,

  • HTML to Perl,

  • HTML to JavaScript,

  • Online HTML Editor,

  • Meta Tag Creator,

  • Scrollbar Creator,

  • Popup Creator,

  • Hex Colors

Figure 8-29. PHP-Nuke Tools module: Module Creator.

PHP-Nuke Tools module: Module Creator.

and many others. It comes with an extra block containing links to all functions (Figure 8-28). See it in action at

Tip Especially recommended for beginners (but not only)!

You are a beginner in PHP(-Nuke), have just started your very first module or block, but you get errors and don't understand why? Give it a try with the PHP-Nuke Tools Module or Block Creator! It will help you see what you were missing and will also give you a feeling of how code looks before and after it is "nuked".

For a much more ambitious project on automatic building of PHP-Nuke blocks and modules (towards a web-based integrated programming environment, IDE, for PHP-Nuke) ckeck Raven's Block Builder. It is currently under development, but very promising.


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