Random Quotes block

8.2.8. Random Quotes block

The Random Quotes block is an unintrusive block for PHP-Nuke 6.0 that takes its quotes from a "fortune" file of your choice ("fortune" is a humourous quotes program commonly available on most UNIX/Linux/BSD distributions). It snaps easily in place and does not break your layout.

Figure 8-7. Random Quotes block.

Random Quotes block.

It is easy to construct a fortune file with the content of your choice, then let block-Random_Quotes display it. The file type is just like the one for 'fortunes': enter quotes in plain text, separated by a per cent sign (%), see the fortunes file that comes with the block. There also various ready-to-use fortune files available on the Net.

There is no restriction on the file's content, so it does not have to be humourous - it could just as well be religious, political, philosophical, or just plain marketese. You could for example use it to display random Encyclopedia terms, see Random Encyclopedia.


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