My Headlines module

8.3.9. My Headlines module

Figure 8-26. MyHeadlines Box containing syndicated content.

MyHeadlines Box containing syndicated content.

MyHeadlines is a personalized syndicated content module. As a user you may subscribe to many news/content sources from the MyHeadlines database. For each of your subscriptions this site will gather the latest headlines/stories/content from the source and present a consolidated view of all of your interests in one location. The MyHeadlines engine allows you to configure the layout of this page to suit your needs; It will allow you to place the "Boxes" containing the syndicated content (Figure 8-26) in any one of three possible places (Left, Right or Middle) on two rows (Top and Bottom) of the module's space on the front page.

Figure 8-27. MyHeadlines: Subscribing to News sources.

MyHeadlines: Subscribing to News sources.

There are over 1000 sources in the MyHeadlines database: from special interest groups, to regional news, to technology sites, to company/corporation specific news, and more. You can subscribe to the content you want. As an added bonus, MyHeadlines now sports a Stock Ticker "Box" that will allow you to watch your favourite Index, Stock, Bond, etc.

Download it from the Downloads section of See also the MyHeadlines FAQ. See it in action at jmagar and weenor.


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