Gallery module

8.3.5. Gallery module

The Gallery module from Nuked Gallery is the "nuked" version of the standalone Gallery package. Gallery comes with a handy web based configuration wizard. This wizard helps to make sure that your web server and operating system are set up correctly. It allows you to configure many of Gallery's options while determining as much as it can from your environment. The wizard will create an administrator account for you. This is a special account that allows you to create other user accounts, create albums, and set album permissions.

Figure 8-19. Gallery module.

Gallery module.

A photo or movie is the basic unit of Gallery. Photos and movies are grouped together into albums (Figure 8-19). Once you have the photos in your album, the fun begins. Typically an intermediate resized version and a thumbnail of the image are created for you. You can:

  • Add captions

  • Edit the thumbnail. Gallery comes with a small Java applet that lets you select a part of the image as the source for your thumbnail.

  • Rotate your photo (in 90 degree increments)

  • Highlight a photo (pick a photo to represent the album in the main Gallery)

  • Reorder the photos in the album

  • Hide photos (so that they're only visible to the owner)

  • Delete photos

  • Sort your album based on popularity, title, number of comments, and photo capture date.

  • Edit multiple captions at once

Figure 8-20. Gallery related files at nukedgallery.

Gallery related files at nukedgallery.

To download the Gallery module, go to Nuked Gallery, find the "Related files" block (Figure 8-20) and click on the link with the most recent stable version. Other Gallery related resources are


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