Event calendar

8.3.2. Event calendar

Based on version 1.5 by Rob Sutton, the Event Calendar (Figure 8-8) found in http://phpnuke.holbrookau.net is much updated and features many improvements and add- ons. For example, the adminstration area features configuration via a graphical interface, posting of events can be mode rated and users even have the option of adding comments to any event.

Figure 8-8. Event Calendar

Event Calendar

For the installation, it is assumed that the user has some knowledge of MySQL and is comfortable with running simple queries before starting. It is highly recommended that you have phpMyAdmin (see Section 3.4) installed on your server - it will simplify installation and help with error tracking.

Figure 8-9. Calendar1 Block

Calendar1 Block

Figure 8-10. Calendar2 Block

Calendar2 Block

Add new Block(s) using one or more of the 5 available calendar block types:

  • Calendar1 (Figure 8-9) shows only events for that day.

  • Calendar2 (Figure 8-10) is a month calendar with a daily events list.

  • Calendar3 (Figure 8-11) scrolls a list of coming events.

  • Calendar4 (Figure 8-12) is the monthly calendar with links and day/month view selection.

  • Calendar5 (Figure 8-13) is an enhanced ( next 10 events) version of the scrolling calendar block.

Figure 8-11. Calendar3 Block

Calendar3 Block

Figure 8-12. Calendar4 Block

Calendar4 Block

Figure 8-13. Calendar5 Block

Calendar5 Block

For installation instructions, read the readme.txt file that comes in the docs folder of the unzipped eventcal-xxx.zip file.


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