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The first release of phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.4 RC-Beta 1
Date: Sunday, May 24, 2009 @ 22:35:15 CEST
Topic: Enterprise Nuke

The first phpBB3ToNuke, which is fully-fledged and fully integrated phpBB3 into all types of phpnuke, is on the way to the end. Around at the end of this project, phpBB3ToNuke porting team at Nuke Korea Developer's network © releases the first full integration of phpBB3ToNuke for the final test in public.
- Summary of Features as follows:
1. No unhopeful bridging
2. No frame and no separate child window for use
3. No changes to adopt phpBB3
etc - do not miss extended text

To download, membership required for RC 1 beta. This membership will be kept by the moment when the final version of phpBB3ToNuke is released in public. - Download: www.nukekorea.net/modules.php?name=Downloads
- Developmental History: http://www.nukekorea.net/modules.php?name=phpBB3&file=viewforum&f=14&
- Developmental Discussion: http://www.nukekorea.net/modules.php?name=phpBB3&file=viewforum&f=15
Feature lists continue...

4. 1 minute installation after uploading
5. ful synchronization with phpnuke front end and admin: themes, multilingual, user accounts etc.
6. easy styles and theme creation
7. more than 70% fater than deprecated bbtonuke and phpBB2
8. Full utilization of phpBB3
9. Plug and play style module adoption of phpBB3 MODs

and many more

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