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phpBB3ToNuke - 3.0.4 RC 1 is ready to listen to nukers
Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009 @ 02:01:24 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

During last 3.5 weeks (our plan was 3 weeks), the team achieved the ultimate embedded phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.4. Now, phpBB3ToNuke by nukekorea dev network (Home of phpBB3ToNuke) entered the final phase: how to install, multilingual synchronization, and the synchronization of Nuke theme-pack with phpBB3 Styles.
Even though the team has its own goal to perfect phpBB3ToNuke, the team would like to hear good comments on the final Release Candidate as follows:
- Comments and Discussion : http://www.nukekorea.net/modules.php?name=phpBB3&file=viewforum&f=15
- Dev. Log and History: http://www.nukekorea.net/modules.php?name=phpBB3&file=viewforum&f=14

1. what is the best installation method?
2. what embedded interfaces will be favored?
3. whether or not bb2-to-nuke DB should be converted?
4. extra features site admins and users would like to add.

Please DO NOT MISS reading the extended words for beta test participants.

The following ID in nuke community will be honored and Nuke Korea would like to express nothing except for Great Thanks
* Manik (United States)
* Duck (Canada)
* Albayco (Turkey)
* Scott (Sony Designer - United States)

Extra Credit to support in warm heart: Raven (United States)

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