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New Themes for Raven Nuke available !
Date: Saturday, March 22, 2008 @ 18:20:34 CET
Topic: PHP-Nuke Themes

M2-Medias.de Nuke Themes has 6 themes of psd-resource.de for Raven Nuke converted.

The themes are available from the Download Area. These themes include forum templates, multilingual and much more!

About M2-Medias.de Nuke Themes:
M2-Medias.de Nuke Themes are converted, updated, and optimized for the most common themes Nuke versions. (Raven Nuke, PHPNuke, Nuke Platinum, CiroxX)

In the download area is an archive of more than 800 themes. M2 Medias.de Nuke Themes in German and English language supports. There is a theme demo site with over 800 themes.

Subscribers will find another 16 themes for Raven Nuke optimized!

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