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nukewrap integrtes nearly everything into your portal-systeme
Date: Sunday, August 20, 2006 @ 00:50:21 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

NukeWrap integrates you virtually any web content :: get the newest version at www.spidean.com

See the releasenotes on NukeWrap is a PHP-Nuke module with featurelist

demos: Business-Directory :: Hotel-Markt :: Kiosk :: solidealia.net :: Demo NukeWrap 2.5 [note - demos show the pn-version]

get more infos - NukeWrap is a PHP-Nuke module [release article]
NukeWrap is a PHP-Nuke module that enables virtually any web content such as html, scripts (home pages, galleries, shopping carts, php, perl, asp, etc.) to be easily incorporated into your PHP-Nuke site. Just call the NukeWrap module with any URL and it will display it in your PHP-Nuke main area/window. Extensive configuration and security options! Download Now!, Read more... for features.


multiple security options!
Multilingual messages!
Individual page sizing!
Auto resizing!
Settings via config file or passed in URL!
Buffering and Compression!
Fully documented!

Visit Spidean for news and support concerning the NukeWrap at spidean.mckenzies.net

see demos here Demos NukeWrap 2.5 on solidealia.net:

- Business-Directory
- Hotel-Markt
- Kiosk
- solidealia.net
- forums
- Dokumentation

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