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Pc-Nuke! releases updated version of Xtreme! and...
Date: Saturday, May 13, 2006 @ 22:49:16 CEST
Topic: Announcements

Pc-Nuke! welcomes everyone to the latest release of the Xtreme! portal system. PCN-Xtreme! is based from PHP-Nuke by phpnuke.org and is over 25% smaller in size that the previous issue. These releases are built on our revised v7.9, with Patched Series 3.1 (official chatserv) and BBtoNuke v2.0.20 applied, and added features and security!

PCN-Xtreme! incorporates numerous upgrades from various developers which are listed in the MENU/VERSIONS link in our menu on the left-side column, plus you can link to a DEMO site on our frontpage. Some of the contents included are: PCN Advertising System, V3 Arcade, MultiPlex Center, Staff, Donations, Photo Gallery, Downloads, Reviews, Web Links, Topics, Work Board, Webstats, Events Calendar, Shoutbox, Your Account, phpBB 2.0.20 forum, Forum Ranks, Rules, Legal Docs, Contact Plus, Admin Email Lists, Ban Request, Games Room, Center HTMLs, Scrollers, News Feeds, over 80+ blocks and much more. We've also incorporated into PCN-Xtreme! v7.9.031d our Blacky & Gunpowder, among other themes and a large amount of useful items.

In addition to these releases, weve recntly put these out: AdsPlus, PCN Staff, PCN Groups, PCN WebRing, PCN Video, PageRanks, eMessenger, Holy Bible, RSS_Feeds, Advertising v1.6, PCN Custom Login, Blogger v1.4, Bandwidth v2.0, Multi-Html v1.0, & more... We also have upgrades for the phpBB Forum v2.0.20 & an up to date DOWNLOAD Section.

PCN Systems are free open source, Php/MySql, web portals. These Content Management Systems are pre-loaded with numerous addon resources which gives you a hand in building large websites quickly. All PCN Systems are easy platforms for uploading, publishing, and authorizing a wide variety of content making your website dynamic in every way.

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