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PHP-Nuke Patched R.C. 2
Date: Friday, December 05, 2003 @ 09:29:36 CET
Topic: Security

This will be the last pre-stable release of the patched version of Nuke, although these files have been tested and no visible bugs have been detected they have been given a RC status tag so that any bugs i may have missed can be reported by users before they can be considered stable and bug/error -free. The following is a overhead description of what the patches cover:

. New Abstraction layer conversion.
. Variables quoted on all sql queries.
. Security check added to most variables.
. Bugs in core files fixed.
. Previous sec-fix patches applied.

Nuke 6.0 - Nuke 6.5 - Nuke 6.6-6.8 - Nuke 6.9 and 7.0 (ALPHA2 - fully operational, current version to be patched shortly).

Please note: Not all files are included with these patches and because of several mismatches between the new abstraction layer and the old one some files may not be converted in full to the new abstraction layer and in some cases none of the code was converted.

Convert to the new abstraction layer any file that was not converted in part/full.
Patch the latest 7.0 PHP-Nuke.
Patch any remaining variable.
more to come...
Report bugs here.

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