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HTML Newsletter 1.3 Released
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 @ 08:20:07 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

Version 1.3 of the HTML Newsletter module is finally here! You can get it from our Downloads section. Registration is not required for download, but is required to use the support Forums. Click on the Read More link to see the latest features available in this release.

  • Create and send HTML Newsletters.
  • Uses a simple templating system for easily creating your own look for the newsletter.
  • Can choose to also use NO template.
  • Can include links to latest chosen number of news articles, downloads, web links, forum posts, and reviews in a Newsletter Contents "block".
  • For long newsletters, can also add links in the Newsletter Contents "block" using href links in the HTML you provide.
  • Newsletters can be categorized for nicer organization within the provided block and module.
  • Newsletter view permissions are set based on who it is sent to.
  • Comes with built-in integration to nukeWYSIWYG (FCKEditor and possibly other future such editors).
  • Preview newsletters before you send them.
  • Send test newsletter email to the website administrator.
  • Send tested newsletters to the intended recipients.
  • Can create a newsletter that ALL visitors can see.
  • If using NSN Groups, can send to one or more NSN Groups.
  • Archive System so users can view previously sent newsletters
  • A module and block to display most recent and archived newsletters.
  • Can configure to also show newsletters under categories.
  • Newsletters can now only be viewed by those users with the permissions to do so.
  • Can configure to show one or more of the following: view "hits", sender, and/or date sent.
  • Special administrative features:
  • Comprehensive installation and upgrade tool.
  • All features configurable via module administration tool.
  • Can create/modify/delete newsletter categories.
  • Can move newsletters around to different categories.
  • Can remove newsletters from the system.
  • Can set overall block limit count (i.e., number of newsletters to show) as well as the number of newsletters to show within each category within the block.
  • All pages are translatable using the language files.
  • All modules and admin pages are 100% W3C Strict compliant with the exceptions of the scrolling block (if turned on) and nukeWYSIWYG.

ADMIN NOTE: Currently, only English language files are available. As other languages become available, they will be added here for download.

Some Version 1.3 Enhancements and Fixes:
  • Enhanced all module and admin screens to be 100% W3C Strict compliant (note exceptions above).
  • Enhanced admin areas for more complete and more detailed pop-up help text on every field.
  • Added ability to send newsletter to an ad-hoc email distribution list.
  • Added "extras" such as GT-NextGEn files and ability to use externally linked CSS.
  • Added extensive error checking and new debug messaging design.
See additional details in the provided CHANGELOG.txt file within this download package.

NOTE: REQUIRES MINIMUM 2.9 PATCHSET FROM www.nukeresources.com!

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On-Line Wiki-based documentation is also available here: http://wiki.montegoscripts.com

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