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Static HTML in nuke - more functionalities for your PHPNuke
Date: Thursday, July 07, 2005 @ 19:01:17 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

Static HTML store module with CSV import function

We are pleased to announce a commercial module that has search engines in mind. With this module you can take a comma separated values file and automatically generate a navigateable website that can be up to 5 levels deep. The module has everything you need to build a robust custom store or information site just using one single flat file. This is not a generator but an import function for your MySQL database. You can use dynamic tags to customize almost every aspect of the pages with just a few clicks and best of all it uses a googletap like mod_rewrite function to make your pages static. The possibilities are limitless for either a store or information site.

View more information here
See the demo and features here

Static HTML store module with CSV import function
See the demo and features here

Features Overview:

Static Pages on the fly using Mod_Rewrite
Block file for making first category hierarchy movable (nuke)
Category Navigation up to 5 levels deep made automatically
Select what records the field is based on
Navigation menu can be either links or dropdown
Category History/ Bread Crumbs customizable using TAGs
Enable link to Categories in the History/Bread Crumbs
Customizable paging text (Next, Previous)
Customizable paging positions (Next, Previous)
Customizable Manufacturer / Author Page via TAGs
Management for each CSV file such as stats, viewing data, deleing Customizable Redirect page to hide final destination urls

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