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Innovation in Community Driven projects - New Book Project
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2005 @ 08:33:32 CEST
Topic: Announcements

"Innovation in Community Driven projects - open source development shown at the example of PHPNuke" [working title] a new bookproject looks for contributors:

in the sprit of the the opensource resarch community based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology we are attempting to further the understanding of open source and its implications inside and outside the realm of software development. This book may have a great target audience.

PHP-Nuke has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. In many ways, it has been a great success story. Yet it is interesting to have a closer look at the conditions that would enable the PHP-Nuke movement to remain viable and thrive also in the future. Nuke development entails a global knowledge network, which consists of

1) a heterogeneous community of individuals nukers from all over the planet,
2) Toolkits, ressources, newssites ....
3) the permanent interaction beteen the users....

the new book-project is aimed to explore the driving forces behind the movement its strenght and weakness its constraints, discussing both the factors likely to promote the continuous growth of the open-source movement and the pitfalls.
Nukers, rooted in any discipline should consider participating in this book project. You can submit working papers, abstracts and related stuff. In typical open source style, we're hammering out some of the topics covered by the book and the procedures as we go along :-)
A good idea would be quantitative data analyses using a variety of methodological designs (e.g. field studies, as well as case studies, participant-observations, ethnographies and the like.

if you want to get some inspirations then travel over to the opensource resarch community based at the massachusetts Institute of technology . See an almost complete overview on the Current State of the Art: working papers if you are interested in contributing in this book then let us know this. Just send an email to info_AT_NUkedoc.org [info@nukedoc.org]

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