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KISGB v5.1.0 Update
Date: Monday, May 19, 2003 @ 21:20:00 CEST
Topic: Guest Book

Update 5/22/2003: The Nuke version 5.1.0 is now on line and available for testing!

I will be releasing RC0 soon for the NON-NUKE version. The NUKE version will be released soon after. I normally do a closed beta but I am going to make this one public. Here is a list, so far, of the changes/enhancements. All of these changes are presently loaded to the standard public version of KISGB here.
  • Added logic to allow quoting of another message when posting a new message. The Admin will be able to turn it off (of course!)
  • Added code to always set error_reporting to E_ALL&~E_WARNING. Modified several scripts to make sure that the config.php include is the first statement. That way the error_reporting setting will always be in effect.
  • Added a new analyzer utility called syschk.php. This script will analyze your KISGB installation and determine if there are any problems with the configuration of KISGB and PHP. This utility should not be left installed! To do so will open your system to hacking attempts!!
  • The setting $use_footer was not functioning correctly. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to remove the footer unless prior permission has been received from ME!!! It is a requirement of the license.
  • Version 4.3.2RC of PHP was causing the updategb.php module to mess up the guestbook. Very ugly! I have incorporated the fix. the problem is that the developers changed the window's code.
  • Added BBCODE capability.
  • Added functionality to allow moderating of the entries prior to posting them.

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