Why use PHP-Nuke and not static HTML pages

2.5. Why use PHP-Nuke and not static HTML pages

  • Because managing large sites with only static HTML pages is dangerous for your health.

  • Because through the dynamic pages, users can interact (Forum, chat)

  • Because through the dynamic pages we can offer value added services (restricted areas, various services based on user classification...)

  • Because the information is more easily catalogued.

  • Because with a few PHP pages we recall a lot of information.

  • Because keeping the contents up-to-date does not demand particular technical expertise and can be managed by anyone (by Davis Batistes).

  • It is the simplest way to to pull over a complete portal, thanks to its open source engine, it allows anyone to implement new modules or to modify and to personalize existing modules. (by Micione, www.vizzani.net)

  • It is very intuitive and easy to learn (by Anonymous)

  • It is easy to modify by those who intend to personalize the program (By Arus)

  • It is easy to use by the lesser experts among us.


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