Upload add-on for phpBB

8.3.12. Upload add-on for phpBB

If you are interested in an Upload add-on for your phpBB Forums, then you can check Photo Album Addon. This is a phpBB-based photo album/gallery management system. It is really powerful, stable, efficient, rich in features and highly customizable. The version 2 was written from the scratch for more security, performance, etc. It is not really a modification or hack, it is rather a phpBB-based system.


  • Fully integrated with phpBB2 backend (DB, session, template, multi languages, etc.)

  • Powerful and handy Admin Control Panel

  • Auto-generated thumbnail s(requires GD)

  • Manual-uploaded thumbnails (for those who don't have the GD library[1])

  • Thumbnail cache (for better performance)

  • Multi-categories

  • Powerful and phpBB-like permissions system

  • Moderator Control Panel

  • Upload Quotas

  • Pictures Description

  • Recent pics

  • Personal galleries (for member-oriented boards)

  • Rate system

  • Comment system

  • Hot link prevention (can set allowed domains[2])

  • Auto-optimization for different GD versions

  • Pic view counter

  • Admin/Moderator pic approval

  • Probably uploadable in PHP Safe Mode

Warning May not work with every PHP-Nuke version!

The Photo Album is an add-on for the standalone phpBB Forums. It has been ported to PHP-Nuke with the Album module (see the Admin Panel Downloads Category of portedmods). This module was only tested with PHP-Nuke 6.5RC2 with phpbb module 2.1 and does not work on a site with the 2.0.6b version of the phpBB module!

For yet another file attachment add-on to the PHP-Nuke phpBB Forums, see the "Attachment Mod" from the PHP-Nuke 6.5 / Ported Mods / Extra Downloads section of portedmods. See File Attachment Mod v2.3.6 for phpnuke6 with 2.06 for a complete list of its features. For a discussion thread on Upload modules, see I cant find this Upload module.



To find out if you have the GD library loaded, run a test script like test.php (see Section, ConnectTest.php (see Section or analyze.php (see Section


See Section 25.6 for a do-it-yourself solution to hot link prevention.


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