How to let users register immediately

18.6.5. How to let users register immediately

When new users register, you may want them to be able to do so immediately, without having to wait for an email notification with an activation link.

Caution Do you trust your users?

If you let everyone post without being registered, you will not have *any* data as to who wrote that inflammatory, libellous, pornographic or whatever post in your forum that caught FBI's attention. Thus you should really trust your users not to abuse your system, if you plan to bypass email notification on registration.

You have two options, if you are not in the mood of programming it yourself :

  1. From the administration panel, Preferences, just choose that non-registered users are allowed to post. Then, from the modules and blocks administration panels, for each module or block you use, choose that all users are allowed to see it. That should come very close to what you want - that all users be able to use all parts of your site without registration.

  2. A module that allows the administrator to bypass email activation is NSN Your Account Tweak 650 3.0.2. According to the description, administrators can choose to bypass email activation. But the module offers a lot of other useful features around user management, see Section 8.3.3.

See also Authorization and avatars.

Caution Download the right NSN Your Account Tweak version!

Be careful with the version you download from this module! The number 650, for example, indicates that it is only for PHP-Nuke 6.5. Use only the version that is in accordance with your installed PHP-Nuke version, otherwise you are guaranteed to mess up your installation completely.

See also the New User Auto Activation Hack and the Auto Registration Activation For Nuke v7.0. If you want to disable registration, see Section 18.6.4. If you want to approve every user who applied for registration, you can use the Approve Membership module (see Section 8.3.4).


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