phpMyAdmin navigation bar: Structure

3.4.1. phpMyAdmin navigation bar: Structure

"Structure" presents a list of the available tables in the database, with the follwing accompanying options:

  • Browse: shows the content of the table.

  • Select: is used to make SQL queries to the table.

  • Insert: is used to insert new data into the table.

  • Properties: displays the structure of the table, ie. its fields, their type, length etc.

  • Drop: deletes the table (be careful!).

  • Empty: empties the content of the table, but does not delete the table itself, it leaves it empty (be careful again!).

The most frequently asked questions in this context are:

How do I delete a single record of the table?

Select the table, click on "Browse" and select "Delete" for the record in question.

If the password is stored encrypted with MD5, how do I change it?

Select the table, click on "Browse", then on "Edit" and enter, in clear text, the desired password. Select from the drop-down "Function" menu besides the field the desired function, in our case "MD5" (see Figure 3-9). See also Section 3.9.17.

Figure 3-9. phpMyAdmin: field functions.

phpMyAdmin: field functions.


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