PHP-Nuke module texts

13.2. PHP-Nuke module texts

PHP-Nuke module texts are also customizable, but are stored in separate folders: each module comes with a language folder containing a lang-xxx.php file with the translation strings for the text constants that are relevant to only that module. For example, the Forums module contains a language folder, stored as modules/Forums/language, the Your_Account module (which handles user logins, registration, authentication and management of the users' info, mail, messages and personal settings) comes with a language folder stored as modules/Your_Account/language etc.

To change a module specific text, edit the appropriate language file lang-xxx.php, exactly as described in Section 13.1 for general PHP-Nuke texts. For example, to customize the email text sent to a new user after registration, open the file /modules/Your_Account/language/lang-english.php in a decent text editor, find the lines

define("_YOUUSEDEMAIL","You or someone else has used your email account");
define("_TOREGISTER","to register an account at");

and change them to something more sophisticated, like

define("_YOUUSEDEMAIL","Nil sine magno vita labore dedit mortalibus![1]");
define("_TOREGISTER","Please register your account at");



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