How to insert a Search Box as in SlashOcean theme

14.3.2. How to insert a Search Box as in SlashOcean theme

The SlashOcean theme contains a Welcome message and a Search box in its header, as a close inspection of the code in the themeheader() function of themes/SlashOcean/theme.php reveals:

echo "<br>
<table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0 width=99% align=center><tr><td align=left>
<a href=$nukeurl><img src=themes/SlashOcean/images/logo.gif Alt=\"Welcome to $sitename\"
</td><td align=right width=100%>
        <form action=modules.php?name=Search&amp;method=post>
        <font class=content><input type=text name=query width=20 size=20 length=20>
        <td align=right>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=submit value=\""._SEARCH."\"></td>
    echo "</td></tr></table><br>";

You can use this code if you wish to have a search box besides your logo, as in SlashOcean. You will find similar constructs in the other themes, e.g. Kaput or Slash.

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