How to change the logo in the PHP-Nuke header

14.3.4. How to change the logo in the PHP-Nuke header

One of the first things you will want to change once your PHP-Nuke is up and running, is the site's logo. For this, you only have to replace the logo.gif file that came with the theme you are using. Search for themes/YourTheme/logo.gif. Whatever graphic you put in logo.gif, it will show as the site's logo in the PHP-Nuke header.

If you want to change the way the logo is displayed, perhaps by setting a width and height attribute, or specifying a border, you will have to change the HTML code that displays it in the theme. To do this in a dynamic way, see Section 14.3.5. Here are the relevant code lines for each one of the standard PHP-Nuke themes:

./themes/3D-Fantasy/header.html:<a href="index.php"><img src="themes/3D-Fantasy/images/logo.gif" border="0" 
alt="Welcome to $sitename" align="left"></a>
./themes/ExtraLite/theme.php:        ."<a href=\"index.php\"><img src=\"themes/ExtraLite/images/logo.gif\" 
alt=\"Welcome to $sitename\" title=\"Welcome to $sitename\" border=\"0\"></a>"
./themes/Kaput/theme.php:       ."<a href=\"index.php\"><img src=\"themes/Kaput/images/logo.gif\" border=\"0\" 
alt=\""._WELCOMETO." $sitename\" align=\"left\"></a></td>"
./themes/NukeNews/header.html:<a href="index.php">
<img src="themes/NukeNews/images/logo.gif" align="left" 
alt=""._WELCOMETO." $sitename" border="0" hspace="10"></a></td>
./themes/Odyssey/header.html:<a href="index.php">
<img src="themes/Odyssey/images/logo.gif" 
alt=""._WELCOMETO." $sitename" border="0"></a>
./themes/Slash/theme.php:<a href=$nukeurl>
<img src=themes/Slash/images/logo.gif border=0></a>
./themes/SlashOcean/theme.php:<a href=$nukeurl>
<img src=themes/SlashOcean/images/logo.gif 
Alt=\"Welcome to $sitename\" border=0></a>
./themes/Traditional/theme.php: ."<a href=\"index.php\">
<img src=\"themes/Traditional/images/logo.gif\" 
alt=\""._WELCOMETO." $sitename\" border=\"0\"></a>"
./themes/Anagram/theme.php:     ."<a href=\"index.php\">
<img src=\"themes/Anagram/images/logo.gif\" align=\"left\" 
alt=\""._WELCOMETO." $sitename\" border=\"0\"></a></td>\n"
./themes/Karate/theme.php:      ."<a href=\"index.php\">
<img src=\"themes/Karate/images/logo.gif\" align=\"left\" 
alt=\""._WELCOMETO." $sitename\" border=\"0\"></a></td>\n"
./themes/Milo/theme.php:        ."<a href=\"index.php\">
<img src=\"themes/Milo/images/logo.gif\" align=\"left\" 
alt=\""._WELCOMETO." $sitename\" border=\"0\"></a></td>\n"
./themes/Sunset/theme.php:echo "<a href=$nuke_url>
<img src=themes/Sunset/images/logo.gif 
Alt=\""._WELCOMETO." $sitename\" border=0></a>\n";
./themes/DeepBlue/theme.php:    ."<table border=0 width=100% cellpadding=0
cellspacing=0><tr><td align=\"left\"><a href=\"index.php\">
<img border=\"0\" src=\"themes/DeepBlue/images/logo.gif\" 
alt=\"Welcome to OpenMax!\" hspace=\"20\"></a></td><td align=\"right\">
<img border=\"0\" src=\"themes/DeepBlue/images/logo-graphic.gif\"

This is also the place to put your change, if you want a second graphic besides your logo, or some other logo customization.

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