eCommerce module

8.3.14. eCommerce module

There is certainly a lot going on currently in the area of eCommerce and PHP-Nuke. However, a ready-to-use PHP-Nuke port of the well-known osCommerce has yet to hit the streets. Keep an eye on the following promising links:

  • osc2Nuke: The international project of merging osCommerce and PHP-Nuke. With links to national projects worldwide.

  • Multishop: "We depart from the CMS PhpNuke and osCommerce to realize a virtual mall, a central portal where different shop, with all the funcionalities of a traditional eCommerce site (customer accounts,address book for different shipping,Order history,..),converge", the developers say.

  • OSCommerce gets a Nuke-Module: a new SourceForge-Projects starts now!

Figure 8-32. Calloways Cart module: Add Product screen.

Calloways Cart module: Add Product screen.

For the moment, you could try CallowaysCart, a shopping cart recently released under the GPL and especially designed for PHP-Nuke (all versions) and Paypal's payment service (Figure 8-32).

A commercial (but with $35 USD certainly not expensive) eCommerce solution for PHP-Nuke is Emporium. The following is an incomplete list of its features, but bear in mind that, since Emporium is under active and rapid development, it will be outdated by the time you read this:

  • Unlimited Products.

  • Unlimited Categories.

  • Unlimited Brands to associate Products with Modularized Payment/Shipping methods.

  • Unlimited currencies.

  • Automated currency conversions (using Yahoo, XE, Oanda services).

  • Unlimited Product Options for Products (radio, dropdown, multidropdown, checkbox, textfield, textarea, inclusive [hidden], etc).

  • Unlimited Product Media for Products.

  • Tax classing (unlimited class types, associated with particular products... assign certain locations [states, countries] to tax classing with different tax structures).

Instead of relying on a feature list, a better idea might be to test Emporium: you can go to the Emporium demo site ([admin: demo, pass: demo]), and have full access to Emporium and all of its features.


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