Login loop

3.9.12. Login loop

Figure 3-31. User Login screen.

User Login screen.

You login without problems, but whenever you try to access a function or links of the PHP-Nuke site, you are returned to the login screen and are asked to enter your user name and password again - a very annoying procedure!

The first thing you should check, is if you have cookies enabled in your browser. PHP-Nuke uses cookies to store authentication information on your computer (in the cookies file, see also Section 23.4.5), in order to be able to recognize you on your next page request (remember, HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning that, whenever the web server serves you a page you requested, it forgets about it, so the next page request is seen as being completely unrelated to the previous one). Thus, you must have cookies enabled to use PHP-Nuke.

If enabling cookies does not make the problem disappear, it might be a permissions problem (see Section 3.2.3), in which case you should contact the administrator of the site.

Tip 3rd party cookies

If you are experimenting with frames, you will find out that the cookie will be set fine, as long as the frame and the parent page are on the same site. If the frame is a different site than the parent, then you will have to allow 3rd party cookies (a lower security setting), see Why do users have to put security to "low" to be able to log.

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