How to install PHP-Nuke using nukesql.php

3.5. How to install PHP-Nuke using nukesql.php

If fiddling with the database from the MySQL command line does not make you feel comfortable, you can use one of the Web Installers for PHP-Nuke available for your version, in the form of the nukesql.php script. This file will install all required database tables for a fresh installation of PHP-Nuke. It works a follows:

Simply enter your database login information in config.php (see Section 3.7), upload all PHP-Nuke files (Section 3.2.2), then upload this file to PHP-Nuke's root directory and point your browser to it (e.g.

nukesql.php proceeds in an interactive way to populate the database tables and test your settings in config.php.

Some of its features:

  • Checks that you are not using the default $sitekey (Figure 23-2).

  • Lists existing database tables if any.

  • Installs tables on a empty database.

  • Replaces existing tables with new ones.

  • Creates duplicate tables for a second nuke site using one database by using a different prefix in config.php (see also Section 3.7.1).

  • Will help you troubleshoot installation by testing connection to the MySQL server and selection of database (see also Section 3.9.1).

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