Error: Failed opening 'language/lang-.php' for inclusion

3.9.4. Error: Failed opening 'language/lang-.php' for inclusion

You either

  • didn't install the language files lang-xxx.php (like language/lang-english.php), or

  • you cannot connect to the database, so that the value of the default language could not be set and is empty (and that's why you get an error about lang-.php, instead of lang-english.php, or lang-french.php etc.). Try the small test script (see Call to undefined function: message die in db.php line 88):

    mysql_connect("$dbhost", "$dbuname", "$dbpass");
    echo mysql_error();

    (see also Section 3.9.1), or

  • your include path information is missing some paths (like ".", the current directory), see Section 3.9.10.

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