1.5. Credits

This section documents the efforts that have been invested into this document by its authors, contributors and the community. We tried hard to give credit where credit is due. However, this does not mean that we used only the sources mentioned explicitly here, in this section. Numerous other sources of information have been used, mainly Forums, such as:

Whenever a source has been used, we have included a link to it. Thus, depending on the context, you should interpret the links in this document not only as a source of further information on a subject, but also as Credit and a "Thank you" for the idea, the explanation, the discussion or the piece of code it offers. If you feel we have ovelooked something, please feel free to contact us.

We do not offer a Bibliography, as strict academic criteria would require, but this may change in the future, as Chris is working on a solution to the Bibliography problem in the context of LyX and SGML.

Tip How to enter hundreds of references in LyX

If you look in the following Section 1.5.1, Section 1.5.2 and especially Section 1.5.3, you will notice the exceptionally large number of cross-references that had to be entered. Although a single cross-reference is inserted very easily in LyX (just choose Insert->Cross-reference from the menu, then choose the label of the reference you want), it becomes a real pain if you have to enter hundreds of them, as in our case.

Chris' solution to this was to write a script that reads a LyX file and outputs another LyX file that contains references to all labels of the first one. It was easier to copy the references from the file thus created, paste them in Section 1.5.3(which deals with version 2.0), then delete references to parts that already existed in version 1.0, than try to insert references to all new parts of version 2.0 by using the menu.

You can read about Chris' script in Mass insertion of cross-references in LyX.


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