Versions 1.x

1.5.2. Versions 1.x

In the 1.x versions, various improvements have been made on the document, as can be seen in the Revision History in the front page:

  • Version 1.1: Andre Purfield of Open Source Solutions cleaned up the wording and a few typos.

  • Version 1.2: Chris Karakas made various improvements:

    • Added a new logo.

    • Added a CSS stylesheet for DocBook.

    • Took care of HTML validation (all HTML pages now are validated as conforming to the HTML 4.01 Transitional standard[1]).

    • Added footer icons that have the following property: if you click on them, they validate, depending on the icon, either the HTML code or the CSS code of the page being currently viewed.

    • Added translation links in the header and footer: in the header of each page, you will find links to Google's automatic translation of that page into 5 languages - french, german, italian, portuguese and spanish. In the footer of each page, on the other hand, you will find links to Alta Vista's automatic "Babelfish" translation of that page into 8 languages: chinese, german, japanese, korean, french, italian, portuguese and spanish.

    • Incorporated LDP reviewer's comments.

    • Created Section 1.4 and Section 1.6.

  • Version 1.2.1: Chris created the PHP-Nuke HOWTO module for PHP-Nuke, a module that integrates this HOWTO into your PHP-Nuke site (you could install this module too, tip, tip!). Chris added a link to it in the Formats section (Section 1.2) and made a smaller logo.

Due to Chris' efforts, starting from version 1.2 this document is an official HOWTO of the Linux Documentation Project.

Also, starting from PHP-Nuke version 6.7 FINAL, this document is included in the docs folder of the standard PHP-Nuke package, as the official PHP-Nuke guide.

In all 1.x versions after 1.0, the original italian text has undergone no changes other than those related to translation. But behind the scenes, Chris and Claudio were working fervently for the next version 2.0, which was going to bring dramatic improvements, as you can read in Section 1.5.3.



all, that is, except those that contain callouts, see HTML validation.

PHP-Nuke HOWTO brought to you by Chris Karakas


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