1.5.5. General

Some quotes have been taken from the installation files of, as well as from the MySQL manual.

In Section 25.3 we use material taken from A Brief Introduction to Regular Expressions.

The sections on mod_rewrite: Section 25.2.1, Section 25.2.2, Figure 25-2, Section 25.2.3 and Section 25.2.4 have been taken from the Apache Documentation of mod_rewrite.

Section 10.1 and part of Section 10.2 were taken from a post of Paul S. Owen, Development Team Leader of phpBB, in, as well as in and are included here with permission.

Figure 28-1 is taken from W3C's working draft CSS3 Paged Media Module, version of Dec. 18th 2003 and is Copyright © 2003 W3C (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved. Used with permission according to W3C document licence.

The examples for admonition in the Conventions Section (Section 1.7) were taken from the Section on admonitions of the DocBook Guide of the Debian Newbiedoc Project.

The CSS file for DocBook that is used in this document , ck-style.css, uses QBullets in links. See Explain CSS on how to do this. Thanks to Matterform Media for providing QBullets for free. If you plan to use them on your website, please observe the QBullets usage terms.

The CSS also got important elements from the Newbiedoc CSS file for DocBook and Mark Pilgrim's influential dive into Accessibility. The CSS font size controlling code and its explanation are taken from Using relative font sizes.


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