1.7. Conventions


Admonitions are little pictures used to emphasize something of importance to the reader. The four types used are:

Note Note

Using a hammer to put together your computer is bad.

Tip Tip

Do not hit your thumb with the hammer, it hurts!

Important Important

Watch where you're swinging that hammer!

Caution Caution

Hitting your thumb with a hammer may lead to an unwanted trip to the hospital!

Warning Warning

Do not, under any circumstances, admit that you hit your own thumb with a hammer. The ridicule you will face is astounding!

Access keys

Access keys enable navigation through the document, without relying on a mouse. The following keys have been given special meaning in this document:


Previous page.


Next page.


Home of the document (Table of Contents).


Up (takes you one level up the section hierarchy).

If you also happen to be reading the document from its original location, then the following access keys can also be used:


Start (takes you to the author's start page).


The current ("This") page, without the Sitemenu on the left.


The current page in a frameset, where the left frame contains a Menu.

To use the access keys, you have to simultaneously press a modifier key, which may vary from browser to browser. For example in NN6+/Mozilla, the modifier key is ALT, so you have to use ALT-N to go to the next page, and ALT-P to come back. In other browsers such as IE6, the access keys just give focus to the associated link, so the sequence becomes ALT-N Enter . Try it, you'll like it!


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