Call to undefined function: message_die() in db.php line 88

3.9.3. Call to undefined function: message_die() in db.php line 88

This is the most "popular" error. It basically means that it couldn't connect to the database. You may get this error even if you did everything right, depending on the version you are using. The reasons are multiple:

  • Are you sure you downloaded *all* the files? Maybe some file is missing. Perhaps you wanted to save some bandwidth and omitted some crucial file or directory, or subdirectory.

  • You didn't enter "MySQL" as the dbtype in config.php (see Section 3.7). It must be exactly with a Capital M, a small y, and capital S, Q and L.

  • The code tries to select the database, but the database is not there. Create the database and populate it with tables (see Section 3.2.4).

  • You have some error in the config.php file (see Section 3.7). Double check that the username and password are correct. Don't forget, the " and ; are important. And DON'T remove the $ in front of the variables! If you used an editor like Notepad, Wordpad, or some editor that you are not 100% sure that works correctly, delete the config.php file, get a fresh copy and edit it with a decent text editor (see Chapter 11).


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