Line of attack

1.8.2. Line of attack

The method described in Document processing with LyX and SGML follows a line of attack defined by the following:

  • We put everything in a shell script. We don't want to bother about anything else. We want to ponder comfortably upon the meaning of life while drinking some coffee or tea, watching our computer do the work for us - personally, a very rewarding experience :-)

  • We use sed to correct LyX' SGML output. The more we are able to correct, the more SGML features we get out of our plain vanilla LyX.

  • We use the sgmltools package which hides a lot of details from the end user, giving nonetheless all the power of the involved tools.[1]

  • We will adapt the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets to our personal needs and taste..

  • The end product shall be a directory ready to upload to our web server with all files, links, images and formats necessary.

So you got appetite and want to delve into the gory details? Read the book behind this book: Document processing with LyX and SGML!



The current version of the lyxtox script make less use of sgmltools, due to the need of processing intermediate results for the integration of Mathematics, Bibliography etc. The originally used calls to sgmltools are nonetheless included in the comments of that script to demonstrate alternative ways of achieving the same result.


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