How to create a new block

20.2. How to create a new block

To create a block of the third type, i.e. a php script that interfaces with the database and extrapolates the data, first of all we have to understand how these blocks are structured. They are contained in a folder called blocks, the name of the block must be block-blockname.php. It is very important all blocks start with "block-" . Every block in which the name will start with block- will be included in the screen of the blocks that can be activated. We will find in the blocks administration menu all the available blocks in the file_name drop-down list. If not assigned by the administrator, the name will be the same that follows block- We can't use break spaces in a block name, they must be replaced by using underscore _ . All the blocks that will respect these rules will be inserted in the blocks admin menu.

We describe:

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