3.6.3. Apache2Triad

Apache2Triad offers the following goodies, according to the Description:

Apache 2.0.47 , MySQL 4.0.13 , OpenSSL 0.9.7b PHP 4.3.3 , Perl 5.8.0 , Tcl 8.4.2 , Python 2.2.2 plus PHP-Nuke 6.8 , PHPmyadmin 2.5.2 , AWStats 5.7 plus Stunnel 4.04 , SSLCert 1.0 plus Xmail 1.1.6 and SlimFTPd 3.13 plus UebiMiau 2.7.2 and PHPXmail 0.33 all configured and easy to install and easy to customize as it has the cleanest layout and structure there is and is updated for every new release of the software it contains plus The Apache2triad Control Pannel suite of tools plus Full documentations plus Unparalelled Installer.

The homepage of the program is Apache2Triad. Apache2Triad is not free for commercial usage: if your company wants to use Apache2Triad you must purchase it for 15$, which is certainly worth the money if you only think at the frustration it saves you by installing all the above packages for you.


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