1.6. Aknowledgements

Claudio said in the first version (1.x) of this document:

The following people contribute, directly or indirectly to this project and their help is hereby kindly aknowledged:

  • Francisco Burzi with all the introductory scripts, found in the files of installation of PHP-Nuke

  • Vasco Clergy and his daughter Valentina of Lug Rieti for the translations of the modules of the handbook

  • Micaela Bechini, for the daily translations of phpnuke.org from English.

  • The communities of Splatt.it, Nukeitalia.com, PHPnuke.it (and its Mailing List), Postnuke.it, envolution.it, xoops.it and obviously the 1500 registered users of spaghettibrain.

  • Aemmenet, in the person of Mark Atzori that has granted us free use of the server on which spaghettibrain is accommodated.

  • Roberto Scano of IWA Italy and Patrizia Bertini of Webaccessibile.org for the contributions on usability, accessibility and W3C validation.

  • Marcello Tansini of webmasterpoint.org for the support given to the project in terms of visibility.

  • Andrea Birgahi, the best PHP-Nuke Theme Maker of the world for the diagram of spaghettibrain, for the logo of the book and a lot more.

  • My girl Sara for all...

  • My mother Lella, my sister Cora, my dog Grey and the newly arrived baby dog Maya.

This book I dedicate it to my Papà Antonio. Hello Pà.

For this second version (2.x), Claudio wishes to thank:

  • Francisco Burzi, the daddy of PHPNuke, who has chosen this book as the official PHP-Nuke handbook!

  • The translator and the manager team of the PHP-Nuke HOWTO: Chris Karakas, Andre Purfield, Fortunato Matarrazzo.

  • Umberto Zaccarini of WMG Italia.

  • Euro Gala of Eticoweb, for the operative and ethical support.

  • Florence University, because after reading my book they called me to give a course of CMS at Multimedia Master; in particular D.ssa Barbara Iraci, Dott. Diego Mencarelli and Dott. Del Bimbo. Thanks to every master student, too.

  • My team, the Crew Spaghetti, Andrea Biraghi, Federico Campoli, Fabio Pirovano, Claudio Demarinis and the casual externals Alex Zollia, Micaela Bechini, VirtualDarkness.

  • Michel "Ziobudda" Morelli, Fabio Farnesi (programmiamo.net), Giovanni Tummarello (wup.it), Roberto Scano (IWA Italia), Anna Bruno (fullpress.it), Alessandro Del Rosso and the De Andreis brothers (punto-informatico.it), for the mediatic space they give me every time.

  • My mother Lella, my sister Cora, my dogs Maia and Grey.

  • My Sara for everything.

Chris wishes to thank:

The translators would like to thank the Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) and its reviewers, especially Tabatha Marshall and Greg Ferguson for their comments and efforts to make this document available from TLDP's plattform to a wider audience.


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