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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 10:19 am Reply with quote

I have a Forum center block on frontpage of site, showing the last topics. it works fine but the only thing I want to change is when U click on a topic link it take u to the last post and LAST PAGE of that topic.

What it does now is if the topic has only one page it take u to the last post on it. But if the topic has 2 or more pages it take u to page one.

What can I do to change this to go to last page and last post on that topic?

Here is the code for showing topics. It is Advanced Center Forum Block v.3.0


     // Shadow Topic !!
      $skip_display = 1;
   if( $skip_display == 0 )
     $Count_Topics += 1;

$result2 = $db->sql_query("SELECT username, user_id FROM ".$prefix."_users where user_id='$topic_poster'");
list($username, $user_id)=$db->sql_fetchrow($result2);

$result3 = $db->sql_query("SELECT poster_id, FROM_UNIXTIME(post_time,'%b %d, %Y at %T') as post_time FROM ".$prefix."_bbposts where post_id='$topic_last_post_id'");
list($poster_id, $post_time)=$db->sql_fetchrow($result3);

$result4 = $db->sql_query("SELECT username, user_id FROM ".$prefix."_users where user_id='$poster_id'");
list($username, $user_id)=$db->sql_fetchrow($result4);

$viewlastdetail .="
   <tr><td height=\"34\" nowrap bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\" class=\"row1\"><img src=\"".$folder_path."images/folder_new_hot.gif\"  border=\"0\" /></td><td width=\"100%\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\" class=\"row1\">&nbsp;<a href=\"forums.html?file=viewtopic&t=$topic_id#$topic_last_post_id\">$topic_title</a></td>
   <td align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\" class=\"row2\"><b>$topic_replies</b></td>
   <td align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\" class=\"row3\"><a href=\"profile-.html$sifra\">$avtor</a></td>
   <td align=\"center\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\" class=\"row2\"><b>$topic_views</b></td>
   <td align=\"center\" nowrap bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\" class=\"row3\">
   <a href=\"profile-.html$user_id\">$username</a>&nbsp;<a href=\"forums.html?file=viewtopic&p=$topic_last_post_id#$topic_last_post_id\"><img src=\"".$folder_path."images/icon_minipost_new.gif\" border=\"0\" alt=\" $post_time\"></a></td></tr>";
   if( $Last_New_Topics == $Count_Topics ) { break 1; }

    $head = "
   <table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"2\"><tr><td bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\"><table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"1\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor1\"><tr><td><table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"2\" cellspacing=\"1\"><tr><td height=\"28\" colspan=\"6\" align=\"center\" class=\"row3\"><b>"._Advancedcenterforumakharinersialirantrainingooakharinersalha."</b></td></tr>

 $viewcatend = "</td></tr><tr><td><br></td></tr>";
 $content = "$head";
 $content .= "$viewcattop";
 $content .= "$viewcat";
 $content .= "$viewcatend";
 $content .= "$viewlasttop";
 $content .= "$viewlastdetail";
 $content .= "$show";

Best regards!

Sorry for my bad english. I change the subject and hope it is ok now.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:47 am Reply with quote

Please let me know if you need all codes for this block.

I have downloaded this from thainuke.net (I guess) and made some changes for the language file.
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