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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 4:25 pm Reply with quote

My site : Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login!

I am trying to change the footer so the advertising block is not there, because it takes up too much space, and so the footer message is not pushed to the left so it is layed out like most other themes.

Can anyone help??

Here's my footer code:

echo"<table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" width=\"100%\">"
. " <tr>"
. " <td colspan=\"2\"><img name=\"footer_r1_c1\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r1_c1.gif\" width=\"69\" height=\"25\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td colspan=\"2\"><img name=\"footer_r1_c3\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r1_c3.gif\" width=\"163\" height=\"25\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r1_c5.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " <td colspan=\"3\"><img name=\"footer_r1_c6\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r1_c6.gif\" width=\"531\" height=\"25\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " </tr>"
. " <tr>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c1.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " <td colspan=\"2\" background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c2.gif\">$footer_message</td>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c4.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c5.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c6.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c7.gif\">";
if ($banners) {
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r2_c8.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " </tr>"
. " <tr>"
. " <td rowspan=\"3\" colspan=\"4\"><img name=\"footer_r3_c1\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r3_c1.gif\" width=\"232\" height=\"73\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td width=\"100%\" rowspan=\"3\" background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r3_c5.gif\">&nbsp;</td>"
. " <td colspan=\"3\"><img name=\"footer_r3_c6\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r3_c6.gif\" width=\"531\" height=\"21\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " </tr>"
. " <tr>"
. " <td rowspan=\"2\"><img name=\"footer_r4_c6\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r4_c6.gif\" width=\"20\" height=\"52\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td background=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r4_c7.gif\">$showlinks</td>"
. " <td><img name=\"footer_r4_c8\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r4_c8.gif\" width=\"22\" height=\"20\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " </tr>"
. " <tr>"
. " <td colspan=\"2\"><img name=\"footer_r5_c7\" src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/footer_r5_c7.gif\" width=\"511\" height=\"32\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " </tr>"
. " <tr>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"17\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"52\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"139\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"24\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"7\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"20\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"489\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"22\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " <td><img src=\"themes/GameTech2/images/spacer.gif\" width=\"1\" height=\"1\" border=\"0\" alt=\"\"></td>"
. " </tr>"
. "</table>"

I have already tried removing

if ($banners) {

but if you go to my site and look at the footer, the adver. section is still there.

If I can't remove it, is there anyway to make the box smaller? and the footer messages box height shorter?

Hope this makes sense Smile
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 4:50 pm Reply with quote

hi ,

no it doesnt make sense cause its the wrong part of your footer you posted..
Futher more you cannot edit that part cause it will solve nothing.
The copyright is build that way.
So when yopu take the right part out the left part will stay like its now and cannot be changed.
Only solution would be to redesign the bottom again...using excisting images but would be heavy job...
I know the support of kenetix is very below standards but did you asked him?
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 4:59 pm Reply with quote

I will try kenetix Sad

thanks for your help
PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 5:01 pm Reply with quote

well its not a question of not willing to help but if you bought the theme from him he should atleast help you with the footer.
its not as easy as you think....
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