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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 4:31 pm Reply with quote


Thought I better share this one with you, since the recently observer clearly refers (haven't studied it profoundly yet) AGAIN to an exploit/vulnerability that has been published as an "precaution" by the *waraxe*.

Due to obvious reasons, I'm not going to dwell down into details which were the exact used hacking strings etc. - unless it is requested by the Security Authors (i'd say it is unnecessary, since Sentinel's is performing outstandingly). All I can say to less fortunate ones - please UPDATE your systems UP-TO-DATE unless you haven't already done so.

Hmm...I've been thinking for some time now - what is the actual state of equillibrium when it comes to gained balance/losts/major victories due to those referred reports? Who knows.

As an off-topic notice -I'll publish a straightforward IP Ban Range Reference LookUp Tool (a set of scripts) tomorrow, dedicated for Web Adminstrators to be used as a Stand-Alone utility. [off PHP-Nuke or any CMS system] The Tool has intentonally not been integratedinto PHP-Nuke due to vast amount of DB Queries to be expected - even though there would be a single Aministrator only at a time accessing the mySQL DB.

However, the webmasters/administratos can decide themselves when to update the reference database, based on their wish to update the *ip-to-country.cvs* file and to execute a TOP LEVEL script responsible for generating the whole LookUp system.

To clarify even further, the purpose of this Look-Up Tool is to brighten up the big picture in choosing the A-, B- and C-class IP Bans.

What has bothered myself mostly during the short passage of time being involved with administration issues, is the apparently inadequate personal first hand knowledge regarding to IP Ranges and to mapping of those in a Country specific sense. Actually, it was some time ago that I happened read a somewhere a Forum post in which a compentent person reported to have banned a range of IPs in an attempt to block malicious intruders in a form of pre-considered form of self-defense.

Due to some akward reason, I decided to study, what was the actual outcome of those made A- and C-class IP-blockings - to my big surprise, there were undoubtly inconsidered and unintentional IP Ranges being involved with the expense of having the Intruder blockked forever more.

So, as a consequence to this, I noticed to have started thinking whether there could be anything to be done for the issue that could potentially harm the Web Administrator in expense of blocking the *bad guys*.

The only valuable *ad hoc* vision that I managed to capture, was the idea of *clearing the picture* regarding IP Ranges Global Mappings - so, I therefore came into a conclusion, that a general level IP Ban Range Look-Up QuickRef could *save some lives* from time to time.

Even though my intentions are not commercialized, I still dare to claim, that these mentioned aspects may not be the ones associated with least significant value amongst the sites being equipped with commercial flavour. Not to forget us who enjoy themselves of the pleasure having people to stop by.

The "script kit" will consist of both CSH (shell script) and PHP scripts, which will eventually generate a set of DHTML based structures embedded into PHP files - there are includes present to make it more flexible from custiomization point of view. If one deciedes to apply a *Browser Save" option, those resulting DHTML entities can be used as a PC-local reference entities - vice versa, those can be utilized from web too.

There is only one (1) external reference needed - file :"ip-to-county.csv". There are two (2) other GPL/GNU associated components present - one dedicated for DHTML Menu based tables sorting, that will sort out the associated tables reagarding to any of the chosen Columns (IP_For, IP_To, 2 Digit Country Code and Country Name) in those tables - the second one is a PHP script set that will *cvs2html* convert the "ip-to-county.csv" into a modifed PHP/DHTML hybrid form to fullfil the set needs for processing the target (called by the batch mode CSH scripts)

What I have done is the simple processing flow based on the available preferences [GLOBAL_REGIONS vs. ip-to-country.csv provided info]. The end-result package is a portable one with its associated bindings, in an attempt to allow the produced outcome (entity) to be droppped wherever it is considered most beneficial.

So, thats about the introduction - I'll reporting more tomorrow eve as I have finalized (first-a-lized) the documentation.

My plan is to get the ready-made entity being set downloadable for the ones that not consider building it from the scratch. I think it'll be an worthy decision to extend the LookUp Table availability for those as well not being interested to update the sheets themselves. (it's merely a routine)

Seems like the Off-Topic became the Topic. (twenty push-up - ok, got that right)



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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 7:49 pm Reply with quote

I will be looking forward to seeing these scripts. Thanks for sharing!
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 12:13 pm Reply with quote

Hi Raven, All,

I wish to apologize my absence and silence due to personal life endeavours.

I hereby confirm that the earlier referred entity (script set) will be set as a downloadable on Sunday for yours to share.

There will be more detailed information available regarding the download URL on Sunday, this week.

Thank you all.

Have a nice weekend!



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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 12:28 pm Reply with quote

No apology needed as we all, including myself as we speak, have personal life issues that demand precedence and priority. Glad to have you back, in any case Wink
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:24 am Reply with quote


As I am currently packaging the earlier referred straight-forward *Easy IP Ban Reference* script set, please feel free to have a preview at the entity, as produced by the script set (fully accessable parts; region-, sub-regions-, country, ip range based indexing sheets).

URL : Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login!

I would like to emphasize that we're talking about a simple solution, no rocket science that is - the entity is just an outcome of a spontaneous attempt for having the *ip-to-country.cvs* core dump being categorized from a few potentially beneficial viewpoints. (you should expect yourself to execute the install/update script each time there's a new *ip-to-country.csv* being set available - latest was released 23rd-AUG)

As this will be *initial version*, the outlook of the entity should be expected to get equipped with at least some enhancements along the future updates to come. Smile


In addition to the actual GPL/GNU based script set (CSH + PHP), a portable image of the script set output (PHP required) will be also set as an downloadadle (approx. size for the latter entity ca. 2MB).

There'll be some *fresh install* testing prior to setting the pack to downloads section.

Hopefully there will be some use for the entity as a stand-alone reference set.



PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 1:58 am Reply with quote

OK, release accomplished - details sent via News Submission.


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