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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:18 am Reply with quote


Does anyone know of a mod that will allow this, or do you think it would have to be a custom one that I had to get created.

Basically a run down of what I need is, I need some sort of mod which will allow every user who posts within certain forums, for them posts only to be visible to a certain NSN group for a set period of time.

Now I know that this might be hard to accomplish but I am wandering if anyone has done this before.

My thinking behind it is that the mod would have to, after the normal users have posted in a certain forum then that post be automatically moved to a hidden locked forum only viewable by that NSN group (where they could pm the poster if need be), and then after a set period of time for it to be automatically moved back to the open forums for all to view and reply.

We are trying to give paying members first views of all classified adds that are posted on the site so something like this is needed for us as an extra incentive for them.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated, or if anyone would like to take the mod on as a paid project get in touch.

Thanks Mark
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:43 pm Reply with quote

First, in terms of a "right direction" let me just point out that forums groups and NSN groups are not the same thing. PHPBB comes with its own set of groups (tables in the database). NSNgroups is separate software that was added to *nuke to give it some groups type capabilities. It has separate tables. When nsngroups was written an effort was made to "coordinate" it with PHPBB groups so that when you added a nsngroup a corresponding forum group was created. However, since PHPBB knows nothing about NSNGroups when you use the groups management features of Forums it does nothing about keeping NSNgroups in sync.

With PHPBB you can restrict a Forum to certain groups. So how about if you created a Forum for each month's classifieds. Say May2011classifieds. Restrict the most current month to your paidmembers group. Have April2011classifieds be open to everyone and March and February. Each month create a new Forum that is restricted to your paidmembers and open up the previous one to everyone. Use Forums groups management for this and don't go near nsngroups for this purpose.

I also don't think you want to get into any massive moving of posts around between Forums. My instinct says this would get to be a mess.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:00 pm Reply with quote


Thanks for the reply.

I understand that NSN groups is a seperate feature and that PHPBB groups know nothing of the NSN groups, I said NSN groups as the way we have our memberships set up with with the expiry dates inNSN users get removed from the forums group automatically so I always refer to this as NSN groups as the the forums group feature (well manually adding to and from them anyway) is kinda defunct now.

Your idea is not what I had in mind, as it is to manual and there are enough manual things to do around the site as it is, the time I had in mind was 1 week and creating and opening up forums for people to view all the time just sounds to much as we have 8 classified forums.

Also how would the normal users (the classified creators) be able to post in the current months forum if they are not members themselves and not be able to see it.

My idea was they post in the normal forum for the classifieds just like they do now, but then some sort of modification / script automatically move that post to a duplicate hidden Paid Members forum/s for 1 week, and then after this week it gets automatically moved back to the open forum for all to see.

I know this might not be readily available and will post in the for hire forum if not, but thought I would ask in here first ?

Thanks Mark
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:55 pm Reply with quote

Mark: you have a good point (or rather several of them). I was just trying to think of an approach that might work without programming. We have quite a large "to do" list in Ravennuke without even thinking about modifying or extending PHPBB code. Plus I would worry that anything you did to the PHPBB code might not work with PHPBB3 if and when you ever get to that.

Nevertheless, go ahead and give the for hire forum a try. Someone skilled might want to earn $ on such a project. One question I have on rereading your original post. So, normal user X posts something in an open forum. X is not a paid member. Now the post gets moved to a locked forum only viewable by paid members. X can't see his own post any more? He can't edit it or remove it or in the case that the item is bought indicate that?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:08 pm Reply with quote

Yer I know what you mean about any further modifications to the code and will it ever work with PHPBB3, but this PHPBB3 has been talked and talked about for ever, will it ever happen as a fully out the box working module ( I know there is a nuke korea module now, which does not work without a lot of additional work ), then there is a bridge which in my opinion then takes away what one of the main things what nuke is about, which is the ability to have the forums integrated and the rest of the site (left blocks and header at least) on show at the same time.

Anyway regards the question, yes I had thought of that. I planned to somehow advise on the site about the adverts not being viewed for at least a week before being fully live, and the forums that the Paid Members see will be fully locked and no replies allowed to be made, they can only contact the poster by private message.

So thats how the original poster will know of any sales

Is this a lot of work do you think programming / coding wise

Thanks Mark
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